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  • Everyone's situation is different, but somehow we're all in this boat together. Take charge and get to your destination. Be Empowered! We compare the markets top strategies. We only offer fixed indexed annuities with no chance of losing your money, regardless of market conditions. We also compare the use of life insurance strategies to fund your retirement.

    Fixed Rates and Peace of Mind, for a lifetime of stability. Is your Retirement insured?

  • Planning for retirement can be easier than you think.

  • Social Security isn't enough and 401ks are quite volatile as witnessed by recent market swings. Sure the ups are great, but who can afford to lose it all overnight? No matter your age. What if you could receive proven moderate 7-8% averaged market tied gains, with no risk of loss of principal and a guaranteed rate of 3% no matter what the market does? This is all possible in life insurance. Loans can be taken against future death proceeds and accumulation values stand separate, even with loans out, to continue to grow. Loans can be used for any reason, children's college or to fund a tax-free retirement; since the loans are paid tax-free at death as well as the remaining tax-free death benefit to the beneficiary you never pay taxes on the growth of your accumulation fund. This is just one of many strategies.

    We can help you develop a fully funded supplemental retirement plan that provides for a tax-free retirement. Paying taxes on the growth of your money is over using permanent insurance strategies. Our plans have mostly 100% participation rates and the highest caps in the industry. We use the most time-tested strategies to help you reach your goals from the most solid financial companies in the world. We EMPOWER YOU!

    Best of all you can get market tied gains with no risk of loss. In fact, we can offer up to 5.72% credit even when the market is down, with our inverse trigger crediting method. Call us today for a custom designed benefit plan designed for your retirement needs!

    Don't forget to check out our Retirement Calculator to see how much income or investment capital you will need to fund your retirement. Request a quote here! Have a custom Indexed Universal Life Insurance or Whole Life Insurance Strategy emailed to you, designed to fund your retirement goals!


  • Fixed and fixed indexed Annuities are a safe alternative to investing directly in the market, that still offer steady gains. One key advantage is that there is usually no risk of loss. So your money is safe. Keep in mind while most annuities work in a similar way, it is the moving parts that must be examined to determine if the length and type of annuity fits your need. For example, a 10 yr annuity may not be the right product for someone who wants immediate access to all their money at any time. There can be surrender charges, that may vary, according to how early you take a portion of your money out.

    Most annuities allow you to take a 10% percent penalty free withdrawal each year, after age 59 ½. You may also access all or most of your money at anytime if there is a major health event. Also, the fully accumulated value can be passed fully to a beneficiary of your choice at death, avoiding most probate situations.

    We offer the best Annuities in the industry from the top carriers. Whether you're looking for a big bonus or a multi-year guaranteed rate annuity we can find the product that most fits your goals.

  • Do you have and old Life Loser?

  • If you own an underwater universal life insurance policy, you may want to transfer the assets to an annuity. Typically, old variable life insurance losses are not tax deductible, but if you move the remaining money into an annuity, the losses can be offset by the annuity's bonus or tax-deferred gains.

  • For Malpractice Suit Targets

  • In a litigious society, other suitable annuity and life insurance candidates are potential professionals that maybe targets of lawsuits. Assets in life insurance policies and annuities are credit protected in many states. As long as the money wasn't put there in defraud of creditors, they are usually safe from malpractice suits. Anyone in the personal services business today who's likely to be sued -- doctors, lawyers, CPAs, architects, financial planners -- might want to take a second look at these products for protection and growth.

  • We can help to Empower your income for a lifetime. Never outlive your money, even when your money runs out. Call us to find out how today!

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